So I took a test yesterday (6dp5dt) and there was a faint positive on a wondfo test, the second line was clearly visible, but faint and it was a thick pink line. It took about 10 minutes for the line to appear, but as it dried it looked more prominent. I dipped a frer in the same sample, and no line, not even a squint of a line. I thought it could be anything, maybe still the trigger, even though trigger was on 2/18, 14 days ago, and it was only 7,000 iu of nova.rel. It didn’t seem like a good sign that the frer was completely negative though. Fast forward to this morning (7dp5dt) and I dip a wondfo in fmu and the line is barely there, a ghost line. Chemical? Trigger that is now completely gone? The thing with the trigger theory is that I tested the trigger the day after I took it, and the bfp it gave me was so light. I have a very hard time believing that it would still be in my system after 14 days. So I have to assume that it was a chemical. My beautiful embies tried to implant, but didnt make. I already miss them.

I know what you guys are going to say, it’s still early, anything can happen. But, I can’t hold onto hope like that. That’s a hope that is on the wrong side of the statistics. I am at work now, and all I want to do is bury my head in DH’s arms and cry. But, that will have to wait for tonight. I know I know, there are stories out there, maybe of the exact same scenario, where women just like me had a bfn then magically were pregnant. But, as always, I need to manage my expectations.