Had my beta this morning that confirmed the BFN.  I wanted to be that mythical story you always heard about on the infertility boards.  You know the woman who had bfn after bfn on her hpts, had absolutely no symptoms, but to her surprise, the bw comes out positive.  Well, hope crept in at the last minute, maybe, maybe I could be her… 

IVF is such a crapshoot.  So I still have 4 frozen embryos.  I am unsure as to when to go for the FET.  I think I will take a break for now.  Maybe the summer will hold out better luck.  At this point I dont know if we should just stop trying.  I need to sort through my thoughts.  I am not making any promises for now.

Until then, I will take a break from this blog.  I will start again once if I am ready to do the FET.

Thanks for reading. – C