I wanted to come back here and update.  After my failed IVF cycle in Feb/March, I vowed to take a break from all that was ttc until June/July.  I would take a 3 month vacation just to enjoy life and then try a FET in the summer.  I guess God had different plans for me.  On a whim in April I took a opk and it was positive, we did the deed.  Let’s say it was the only time DH’s sperm made an appearance that month.  I tested on April 10th because I was spotting and it was very early to be spotting (and I usually do not spot before AF arrives).  It was a bfp.

The first 8 weeks were a rollercoaster and I was sure I miscarried so many times because of a SCH clot that caused massive amounts of bleeding.

But, here I am today, 17w3d and we are having a baby girl due December 24th.  I could not be more thankful.