I’m still here.  Nothing is going on.  I have no symptoms.  I feel like I am in purgatory.  I’ve already googled every possible question I have on IVF and now I am bored.  I really don’t want to POAS either, don’t want to even want to risk seeing a bfn.  FF says that I can test on Wednesday (14dpo), so maybe I will cave by then.  I certainly do not want to risk hearing about a bfn at work after my beta.  I wish I had a time machine.


ET: The long version

On Monday morning (2/25), DH and I were originally scheduled to go in at 9:30am for the embryo transfer. But, on Sunday mid-morning the RE called to tell us that 7 out of the 14 fertilized embryos were normal and that they were growing quite rapidly. By Sunday they had divided to around 60 cells each, so RE wanted us to come in earlier on Monday morning so that he could get them in my uterus as soon as possible.

When we got to the clinic, I was given instructions on what I could and could not do in the following days after transfer, how much bed-rest I should get, etc. RE met with us afterwards and showed us pictures of our beautiful embabies. He went down the list of all 7, 6 were already blasts and 3 were already hatching, and by photo we picked out the 2 embryos that seemed furthest along to transfer. RE also told the embryologist to freeze the others right away, so we got 4 to freeze. 1 was struggling and not quite at the blastocyst stage (I never got a followup call on this one, so I assume the little embaby didnt make it). The grades of the 2 that we transferred were both AB.

I was then told to take my valium with some water, then we were taken to one of the exam rooms. The weird thing is, I was never told to have a full bladder, so I never had the urge to pee while the transfer took place. The u/s tech pressed on my stomach with an abdominal u/s thing, and in came RE. I was already a bit loopy from the valium and feeling pretty good. I was told to say my full name to verify that the embryologist had brought in the correct embryos, and within 10 minutes RE had already transferred them in! I was then told to lay in a reclining position (head down) for 30 minutes while a triangular medical pillow propped my hips into the air. DH stayed by my side the whole time, I think I dozed off. I was then wheel chaired outside while DH brought the car around.

Once home I tried to stay on bedrest on my couch the whole day. It was kind of annoying, and by the 3rd hour or so I was ready to get up. I cheated a little here and there, but I think I got the job done by relaxing and laying flat the majority of the time. I also stayed home on Tuesday, but did a modified bedrest. Today I was very glad to be back at work to keep my mind occupied.

So far just some zings here and there in the uterus area, and I did have some light af style cramping for an hour or so near lunch time. Other than that, nothing. Hopefully the 2ww goes by fast.

Embryo Transfer

Today we had 2 grade AB blasts transferred. Both were already hatching. We also go to freeze 4 additional. Since it is difficult for me to write a full post on bed rest, I will detail the whole experience in a couple days. For now, I leave you with a picture of my beautiful embabies.

 photo blast1_zps1e6ea047.jpg

PGD Results Are In

7 Normal! I can’t believe it. RE said that out of the 7 embies, 2 are struggling to divide. The other 5 embies are around 60 cells each and are fast approaching blastocyst stage! I will be going in for the transfer tomorrow morning. Hopefully we will have 2 great blasts to transfer. And icing on the cake would be some embies to freeze. I still can’t believe it… Thanks for everyones best wishes, please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Day 3 Embryo Update

Yesterday (day 2 after ER) I got a call from the RE that all 12 that fertilized were dividing. Today I received another update from RE. He said all 12 are still dividing, but that many are starting to show their “true colors”. As of this morning there are 3 that are excellent, 3 that are good and the rest are kinda meh. The stragglers are dividing, but at a much slower pace, so they are essentially stuck at the 4 cell level or so. I believe the testing for PGD is being done today and I should get a report from the RE tomorrow afternoon to early evening. This makes me so nervous, because the 3 excellent ones could still be abnormal. Hopefully I will have some normal ones (please let them be excellent) to transfer on Monday. At this point I don’t even care if we have any to freeze (of course having some frozen ones for the future would be awesome), but I will be ecstatic if we have 2 blasts to transfer on Monday.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my embies.

Ferilization Report and Bloat

I got good news this morning from my RE. He said that out of the 27 retrieved, 14 of them had polar bodies and 9 were considered good. Out of the 14 with polar bodies, 12 were able to fertilize with ICSI. So now its just a waiting game to see if they divide properly, then on to PGD testing on day 3.

I will update as I get more information.

As for me, I am very bloated. No pain, nausea, vomitting or shortness of breath. Just a lot of bloat in the belly area. Drinking a ton of Gatora.de, Vita.min Water and trying to eat salty foods and protein.

Egg Retrieval Done

This morning I went to the clinic at 6:45am with DH. Filled out some paperwork, paid the anasthesialogist, and then changed into a gown, booties and a hair net. DH went to give his sample, and by 7:15am I was in the OR ready to go. They numbed my arm for the IV and then gave me something to relax me, it felt really nice. Then I was out. I woke up about 30-45 minutes later and a nurse watched over me while I started to fully wake up. The first question out of my mouth was “How many eggs?” They said there were counting and would tell me once they get a final number.

Once in the recovery room, DH was able to join me and said that the RE told him that 12 eggs were retrieved, but only 4 looked good. I was a little shocked and disappointed. My nurse finally came in, told me to get dressed, and that she would be back with the final egg count.

Turns out I had 27 eggs retrieved. BUT, 18 of them were of poor quality and 4 were excellent and 5 were good. The three categories are Excellent, Good and Poor. I was also told that DH’s sample showed poor morphology at 11%. This surprised us because only less than 2 months ago, he had a great SA. They said that they will need to do ICSI and that was an additional $1,500 :(.

I was then released and DH drove me home to rest up for the day. While in the car the RE called me to basically reiterate what the nurse already told me about the 27 eggs. RE did mention that this turnout of 18 poor quality reaffirmed his diagnosis of poor egg quality causing my recurrent miscarriages. RE also said that the goal is to get 8-12 good eggs, and that we had 9 good or excellent eggs, so we were on track. RE also warned me that the next few days would be a rollercoaster ride in terms of which eggs fertilize, which divide and which pass the PGD test.

Physically I am doing okay. I was crampy after the ER, but now while at home I just feel like I have bad gas pains. I am drinking a ton of gaterade that I stocked up on. I have some protein shakes and beef jerkey to get me through the day. Hopefully I will get to avoid OHSS, but I think I am prepared if any symptoms arise.

Emotionally I am so so. I don’t know what to make of the numbers. 18 eggs of poor quality is a lot! I do find it comforting that it reaffirms the RE’s diagnosis of poor egg quality in general and that was why I had so many losses so early on. I am also very nervous that the 9 eggs that are good or excellent will not make it, and if they do that they will be abnormal. I need to stop worrying though, because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it at this point. RE did mention that they will still examine the 18 poor quality ones (and will still need to examine the other 8) to see if they exhibit a polar body. If they do have a polar body then they will be ICSI’d.

RE will call me tomorrow morning before 9am PST to give me the fertilization report. Until then, please say a little prayer for me and send fertilization vibes to my eggs and DH’s spermies. Will update tomorrow.


4th U/S and Trigger Tonight!

Today is the 8th and last day of stims. Just got back from the 4th u/s and things are still on target. I still have 8 follies on my right (ranging from 15-19mm) and now I have 7 on the left (ranging from 15-19mm). My uterine lining is a 6.8, but RE is counting it as a 7. I would have liked it to be thicker, but I am hoping by ET (next Monday if all things go well) it will have gotten nice and fluffy.

I am to take my hcg trigger tonight at 8:30pm on the dot. I am to take 7,000 units instead of the 10,000 prescribed because of my highish estrogen level on day 5 which was 1,143. I had b/w today, but I’m sure I won’t know the results until Wednesday. I am still scared of OHSS. DH is also to take his antibiotics tonight and ER is still on schedule for Wednesday morning. I am to take my last dose of Foll.istim tonight as well.

So far I haven’t really been bloated. The first couple days of stims I thought I was bloated, but it could have been all the crappy food I was eating. The only side effects that have manifested are backaches and headaches which sometimes disturb my sleep. My lower tummy does feel pretty full of stuff, but not bloated, weird… Oh and starting last night I’ve been having sharp twinges and stabby feelings from what has to be the ovaries.

I asked the nurse if the follies still have growing to do, she said they might grow just a tad bit more, but they are pretty much at their full size now. I would love it for the follies that are 15 (3 of the follies)to catch up, but would be happy with the 12 or so that are over 16 right now.

Well, I will update after ER on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

3rd U/S

So today is my 5th day of stims. I went in for another u/s today and both the nurse and the RE said everything looked good. 8 follies on my right (ranging from 10-13mm) and 5 on my left (also ranging from 10-13mm). My lining was at a 6, up from 4 last time. I am somewhat let down that I had 20 follies growing last u/s and now I am down to 13. I guess the other 7 just stopped growing? Oh well, RE seemed happy, so I should be happy too. I also started my Ga.rinelix shots today. They are pre-filled syringes, so much easier to use, but the needle is much thicker, so more painful. It burned for the first 20 minutes or so when I injected in my thigh, but the burning sensation went away. The RE thinks that I am still on track for the trigger on Monday (2/18) and ER on Wednesday (2/20). I also had b/w done today, but will probably not know my results until Monday, the next time I go in. I usually have very good veins, but for some reason the nurse (I think it was her fault) couldnt draw blood out of a vein she already pricked. Another nurse stepped in and pricked the other arm, got the draw easily, but now I am left with two bruises on either side.

I also start Omnit.rope tomorrow at the same time I inject Meno.pur. I feel like I am going to forget something, but since I have my calendar, I guess I just need to look at that about 5 times a day. A lot of the bloating I was experiencing has gone down, and I am less weary about OHSS since I have less follies now. I much rather have quality over quantity, but if this drop off continues, I am not sure how many follies we will see on Monday (8th day of stims). I will try not to worry…

Other than that, I dont have much else to report. I hope my IVF cycle still continues to go textbook, but I am preparing myself for some detours.

2nd U/S

So yesterday I went in for an u/s to check how the follies are doing. I was on day 3 of stims, so I was worried that they would not be able to see any growth. On my baseline they saw 20 antral follies on each ovary, so I was hoping for some good numbers. First the tech measured my lining, I think it was a 3. Then she starting looking at both right and left ovaries. There were 9 on the right ovary ranging in size from 6-10, and left ovary had 10 follies ranging from 5-9. The RE came in at this point and explained to me that they were looking for any follies that were way ahead of the others, this would worry them. But he thought my measurements were fine. I was able to make out follies on the u/s screen myself, but how did the tech know whe wasnt counting the same follies twice?

Oh well, I am happy with the 19 follies so far. I am weary of OHSS, and I will bring it up tomorrow with the RE at the 3rd u/s check. The follies are supposed to grow 1-2mm each day, so hopefully they will be in the 9-14 range tomorrow. Still on the same dosage of meds (150iu of both Meno.pur and Fo.llistim) but added some estrogen patches yesterday at the appointment. The FSH meds did not give me any side effects, but these estrogen patches are giving me bad headaches. I believe I start Gan.irelix tomorrow.

I will keep you updated.